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What if you never had to show your animal “who’s boss” or “be the Alpha”to achieve communication and harmony?

Do you want cooperation with your animal without domination or coercion?

Would you like to better support your animal’s overall health, performance and well-being?

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For over forty years the Tellington TTouch Method has offered animal lovers and professionals alike; a positive, gentle and effective way to solve behavioural issues, enhance performance, and improve communication and relationships between humans and animals .

Look beyond behaviour and help your animal become their best selves though a series of unique bodywork, groundwork and functional exercises that helps create physical balance through good posture, relaxation and overall enhancement of trust.

This method has been used worldwide and is recommended by countless veterinarians, trainers, rescue societies, and Olympians, as well as thousands of animal owners.

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Zebra TellingtonTTouch on a dog

How does it work?

TTouch combines observations and philosophy, bodywork, ground exercises, and equipment to help animals find physical, mental, and emotional balance, as a way of enhancing communication, cooperation, and harmony.

TTouch does not strictly fit into any traditional learning theory quadrant. It does not use the escalation of pressure to create behaviour, nor does it rely solely on positive reinforcement, although it works well with Clicker training.

TTouch works to show animals what we want and make the steps as small and easy as possible to keep the learning process low-stress and logical.

One of the most versatile aspects about the Tellington TTouch Method is that it is not an “all or nothing approach”.

Our philosophy and attitude is just as meaningful as the specific approach and techniques. Many people find that they can adapt their current program to include the mindfulness and respect that is paramount to the Tellington TTouch Method.

This can result in long lasting and effective results that builds your relationship with any animal you interact with.

The aim is not to just train an animal a specific cue for obedience, the aim is to help animals learn, and begin to have the self-control to act instead of simply re-acting to a stimulus.

Building this self-confidence and self-control means that an animal can adapt and adjust to a variety of situations and settings, even if they have not specifically been exposed to them prior.

We do not use flooding, or encourage “learned helplessness” in animals and the role of the handler is not to be the alpha or dominant one, but rather enhance mutual trust and cooperation for a true partnership.

Whether you work with horses, dogs, other companion animals, or people, the Tellington TTouch Method will shift and expand your way of thinking in all areas of your life.

Discover what this method is really about for yourself; at one of our world-class workshops or at home with some of our many online courses, books and innovative products.

The Tellington TTouch Method is a unique approach to animal training and care developed by internationally known trainer, teacher, and author, Linda Tellington-Jones. Based on understanding and respect for our animal friends, this gentle method promotes well-being and adaptive behaviour through an integrated approach that helps to reduce stress and build confidence. TTouch is more than a form of bodywork, it is an entire way of training, handling, and understanding animals in a positive, non-threatening way.

The Tellington TTouch for Horses

The Tellington TTouch Method for horses offers a training approach that encourages optimal performance and well-being.

Based on the understanding that behavioural issues are often caused by pain, soreness, fear or tension in the body, TTouch addresses these underlying issues through a combination of Body Work, specific Ground Exercises, and Riding With Awareness along with an overarching respect and consideration for the horse.

Tellington TTouch goes beyond just what you do with your horse and how you do it; it changes how you believe in your horse, and understand them at a deeper level; beyond behaviour and labels.

This low-stress, logical method of dealing with horses seeks to take horses beyond the reflex of instinct, and educate horses how to think and act rather than re-act to the source of concern.

How can TTouch help?

Tellington TTouch riding bridleless


TTouch–for-You® is a system of gentle circular TTouches that works at the cellular level to activate the body’s potential.

Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon) created Tellington TTouch® in 1983 for the training and care of horses and other animals. While learning TTouch® for their animals, horse and pet owners practiced these techniques on each other to better understand what their animals were experiencing. Effectiveness of the TTouch® for people became apparent.

Over the years, people of all ages realized a newfound sense of well-being and renewal using TTouch®. They also got relief from everyday physical and emotional issues such as headaches, backache, neck pain, depression, and sensitivity to touch.

TTouch® is gaining acceptance in the human healthcare system. Nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, physicians and occupational therapists are successfully integrating these techniques into their practices. For example, nurses use TTouch® for post-fracture swelling, labor pain, wound care, and the management of edema, pain and anxiety. Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists find TTouch® effective in cases of chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. In addition to the clinical applications, many healthcare professionals experience much needed relaxation and stress-relief for themselves.

Learn this powerful method of self-care with Linda Tellington-Jones her self.

In this online, interactive course, you’ll discover what thousands have already experienced first-hand: the life-changing power of Tellington TTouch®!

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