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Treat Yourself in 2020!


The horses are hairy and the snow has arrived but we are most definitely looking forward to our summer season!

If you have ever wanted to learn about our forward thinking, positive, and effective methods of working with horses and dogs, make 2020 the year! Animal guardians all over the world have discovered how the Tellington TTouch® Method can transform the way they understand and interact with their four legged friends.


Check out our2020 Clinic Calendarfor a full list of horse and dog trainings in Western Canada. Registration is easy and we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any great TTouch success stories! We love to hear about them.


“Hello Robyn and Mandy and team!

Every day I feel so grateful for the two weeks I spent at your place. Neutral pelvis changed my life! I came home with just one goal, to keep breathing into my lower back and allowing my pelvis and spine to respond to gravity’s great plan, and as I attend to this simple pleasure, I find the rest of my life unfolding with tremendous depth and breadth, all seemingly in slow motion, relative to the break-neck, never-enough-time way I normally do things.

I’ve applied the no-push, no-pull principle to my horse and children(!), plus Ttouches all-round. It is so fascinating to work with the horse I lease. He can seem aloof, so when his eyes droop and his neck lengthens and the wee nickers start, I KNOW I’ve got it. But I also know I’ve got it by how I feel myself. My children are a little more complicated, being human. My son tells me the TTouch “isn’t working,” (he is used to massage) meanwhile his eyes are softening and leaking a couple of tears as he gives way to the exhaustion he’s been resisting all evening!

Also, my little dog is doing great with his harness!

I’ll send you some pictures of dog, me, horse and children. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer, and keep doing that thing you do!


The outdoor riding arena at Tellington TTouch Canada headquarters in Coldstream, BC

This year we have introduced several exciting new workshops to our line up.


For dogs we have a new venue near Edmonton, Alberta that will host a 2 day Introduction to the Tellington TTouch for Dogs.


At our farm in Coldstream, BC we are offering a focused two-day Loose Leash Walking course as well as our ever popular 5 day Tellington TTouch for Dogs.


Our horse workshops have also had some great new additions.


Last summer Robyn Hood and Mandy Pretty became accredited “4 Hoof” Surefoot Professionals for teaching Wendy Murdoch’s revolutionary system.



In June we are combining TTouch and the Surefoot® Equine Stability System to teach Relaxation and Proprioception“. These two complementary methods are outstanding ways to help horses reach their full potential by “resetting” habits, allowing for better posture and less bracing.



Riding lesson at a Tellington TTOuch clinic for horses.


Both our May and July riding workshops have an optional “Trail Riding” bonus day to give you the chance to enjoy our fabulous scenery and wonderful Icelandic horses.


We are pleased to welcome Peggy Cummings back to the farm July 31 to August 2, for another amazing Connected Riding workshop.  If you or your horse have ever struggled with bracing, discomfort, or lack of balance, this is a fantastic opportunity to find harmony under saddle.


In September, often the nicest month weather wise, we are offering a 3 day trail riding experience.

Two Icelandic horses ridden in a lake.


In honor of the release of Linda and Mandy’s new book, “Training and Retraining Horse the Tellington Way” we are offering a unique “Problem Solving clinic to address many common issues. In this course you will learn positive, long lasting, and forward thinking ways to help any horse be the best they can be.


Ground driving a horse at the Starting Young Horse Clinic with Tellington TTouch


Sign up for a 2020 Clinic now and receive an Early Bird discount! All prices are in Canadian dollars, which means big savings for our American friends.


Charlie the dog enjoys a ttouch session

Looking for an event in Ontario or Quebec?  Check out our full calendar for trainings with Edie Jane Eaton and Lucie Leclerc.  Check out all events!


We love welcoming familiar and new faces to our home and our friendly herd of Icelandic horses cannot wait to meet you!


Wishing you and your family the very best in the coming year!

Robyn, Phil, & Mandy


Get in TTouch!




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