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Shedding Candlelight on Resistance

By Edie-Jane Eaton (Tellington TTouch® Instructor) *This article was orginally published in the “TTEAM Connections” newsletter.  While Edie-Jane focuses on horses in the text, this concept applies to all animals, including ourselves! It’s commonly accepted by Tellington TTouch® practitioners that when horses (or any animal) show resistance there’s always a reason – or several reasons.

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TTOuch Belly Lifts on a horse with digestitve upset

Coping with Colic

There is nothing worse than finding your horse colicking, calling the vet, and then having to wait helplessly while your horse is in obvious distress or at least discomfort. Over the past 40 years Linda Tellington-Jones, world renowned horse person, and founder of the Tellington TTouch Method or TTEAM, has used a few simple techniques

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