Trained Horses

All of our horses are purebred, registered (with Canadian or US Registries), Icelandic horses.  Over the past 4 decades we have sold, literally, hundreds of Icelandic horses around the continent, and world. 

Now we are winding down our breeding and sales operation to focus on clinics, lessons, and our overall personal enjoyment of these wonderful horses.  Learn more about our farm and our annual clinic schedule.

We are available to help you find your dream horse domestically or abroad.  Our vast experience and wide network can help you find your dream horse.

SOLD Tyggur from Icelandic Meadows – 14.2hh Brown gelding, born 2011

Tyggur is a sweet, polite, 14.2hh tall gelding who aims to please.  Tyggur has extensive trail miles and arena schooling.  He is safe and has good brakes and a sensitive but sensible mind.

Tyggur loves to go!  He has a very forward natural walk and all of his gaits prefer to be speedy.  While his “slow” gear is not perfected, his brakes are good and he has been ridden bitless and bridle-less.

Tyggur is a tolting machine and is likely 5-gaited though not trained in flying pace.  All of his gaits are extremely smooth and comfortable for the rider.   He never admits to being tired and will go all day long if you ask him.

Tyggur has been ridden in many different situations and takes everything in stride.  He does not like to be in the back of the group but is independent out alone and is not at all herd bound or spooky.

He is an automatic trailer loader and is excellent for the farrier.

Tyggur needs a relaxed, experienced rider who is not afraid of a forward thinking horse and who has soft hands and an independent seat.

SOLD   Leiftri from Icelandic Horse Farm – bright bay gelding born 2012

Leiftri a bay icelandic horse gelding for sale.

If you are looking for your future, elegant, sensitive, heart horse, Leiftri may be your guy!  This well proportioned, four-gaited gelding will make a smaller, experienced rider an amazing riding horse for dressage or trail riding.

Leiftri is well-handled, friendly and eager to work.  He has had extensive ground work with plastic, driving, liberty, clicker, and in hand gymnastics.  He is always one of the first to greet you at the gate and aims to please.   He trailers well and has been hand walked on trails.  Leiftri had consistent work last summer and was brave and curious on the trails and mellow in the arena.

We have taken our time with Leiftri.  He was very sensitive as a foal and his extensive groundwork preparation has helped him become a very thoughtful, curious individual however he will probably  never be a horse who is suitable for a complete beginner.

With consistent, graduated work, Leiftri will become a fantastic horse for someone, he has already been a working student favorite.

Leiftri has inconsistent work last year and was always waiting to do more.  He would LOVE his own person.

SOLD  Eldur from River Oak Ranch – chestnut gelding with star and snip, born 2014

Eldur is bored.  He was lightly started in 2019, due to lack of helpers in 2020, he did not do much and he is bored!  He is 5 gaited and has a nice, compact and solid build.

Eldur will become a fun riding partner with more training and experience.

Due to his breeder’s retirement his price is negotiable to the perfect home.

We currently have a select few horses available for sale.  Our number one priority is that they go to great homes, where horse and rider are well matched and suited.  If you have any questions, or are curious about one of our unlisted horses, please email Mandy below:

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