Tellington TTouch Training Canada


TTouch Rib release on a horse with Linda tellington Jones

There are more than 1600 certified Tellington TTouch Method practitioners in 28 countries, worldwide.


These individuals have completed many hours of training, assessment, and practical experience.  Practitioners are passionate about helping animals and their people find better understanding and communication.


Practitioners come from all walks of life and backgrounds.


Many are already professionals in their field and find the addition of the Tellington TTouch to be invaluable.  Some are life long animal lovers who came to the work to help their animals at home and were so inspired by the work, became certified to help others.


Becoming a practitioner is straightforward and very rewarding.  Whether you plan to use the certification professionally, or for your own knowledge, the paths to certification will ensure you a wealth of knowledge and a community of support.


Currently there are several paths to certification, each requiring varying commitment and dedication.  The Tellington TTouch Method is an excellent compliment to any other positive training method and adds an element of body awareness, animal psychology, and innovative exercises to help achieve positive, low-stress, results.  We now offer a streamlined online option for qualifying as a Practitioner.


Whether you choose to work with horses, or companion animals, becoming a Tellington TTouch Practitioner will provide you will new insight and skills that perfectly compliment any positive, forward-thinking, training method.


Find a Practitioner near you, or learn more about becoming a Companion Animal or Equine Practitioner.