Practitioner Training Program: Dogs & Companion Animals

If you are looking for a more gentle and effective way to work with your own animals, or want to work with animals professionally, TTouch may be the answer for you.

TTouch involves the use of techniques that will mutually enhance the relationship between people and animals, improve an animal’s health and encourage a better response to training.

This Certification program is designed for people who want to share the benefits of TTouch with their own animals as well as for people who want to work with animals on a full or part-time basis. There are hundreds of professional TTouch Practitioners all over the world.

Some work full-time with private clients, many do TTouch part-time in addition to their other jobs, and some incorporate what they have learned into their work with animals in shelters, with rescue groups, obedience schools, veterinary clinics and zoos. The rewards of this training program include an inspiring way to relate to animals and a new appreciation and understanding of themselves.

The original certification program to become a TTouch Practitioner takes on average, two years and requires a considerable investment of time, money, and effort. The program consists of six sessions (three per year), each lasting between five and six days.

With today’s uncertain travel restrictions, we have launched an all new way of becoming certified; through Interactive, Online courses and a new on skill-based Evaluation process.

How to become a Tellington TTouch dog practitioner


Contact us to learn more about how you can now become certified from the comforts of home.


During the “Hands-On” TTouch professional training and certification program, you will:

  • Experience ways of working with dogs that are unique and rewarding and can change your life. Gain hands-on experience working with dogs with a variety of behavior issues and support well-being in aging animals.
  • Depending upon the venue you may have the opportunity to work with cats and other unique companion animals in a rich, rewarding experience that often can change your life.
  • Acquire valuable skills to enhance training and performance and reduce stress in dogs who work in service, show, obedience, agility, search and rescue, schutzhund and trials.
  • Work with shelter animals to help them adapt more easily to new environments.
  • Help calm animals for transport or visits to your veterinarian or groomer.
  • Understand how TTouch inspires understanding and compassion for all life.
  • Learn how to effectively and respectfully work with clients and their animals.

TTouch for Companion Animals

Training Sessions One through Four

In the first four classes you will learn the Tellington TTouch philosophy and techniques.

You will have lots of hands-on practice of techniques and our instructors will demonstrate through lectures with dogs, cats and other small animals.

Some sessions are held at animal shelters that provide a wide variety of animals for you to learn with.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify behavior, health and temperament problems and learn creative solutions
  • Work with cats to alleviate common issues such as aloofness, timidity and aggression
  • Learn to use the harnesses & two points of contact, body wraps, and other TTouch training tools
  • Use ground exercises, obstacles and the playground of higher learning to increase the dog’s focus, balance and willingness and ability to learn.
  • Implement new approaches to stress-free grooming.

The first four sessions will give you a firm foundation in the work.

When you enroll in the TTouch Practitioner Certification Program you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you between trainings.

At that time you will be invited to participate in the Tellington Training Facebook group where you can post questions and participate in discussions of the use of TTouch in a variety of cases.

You will also be invited to “Practitioner only” webinars, hosted by Senior instructors and special guests.

To enhance your education in this program, you will be asked to work with animals between trainings and write case studies of your work.

Two Tellington TTouch Practitioners lead a Boston Terrier in the Bee Line leading position.

Upon successful completion of your first four trainings, completion of the requirements and approval of your case studies, you will have earned your certificate as a practitioner-in-training. You are then qualified to:

  • Charge for work with individual animals according to the agreement signed on entry into the program.
  • Give short presentations, up to one hour, introducing TTouch to clubs and organizations at no charge.
  • Use the official TTouch logo on your business cards, letterhead and advertisements according to the terms of the agreement.
  • Receive the password to protected practitioner page on our TTouch website.
  • Be given a one-year membership to the TTouch Guild and listed on our website.
  • Receive the free subscription to ongoing webinars and lectures.

Training Sessions Five and Six

The last two trainings build on the skills and tools you have learned. As you continue working with your classmates, teachers and the animals, you will incorporate new skills and deepen your understanding of the techniques and philosophy. You will also be working with clients and their animals during the trainings so that you can hone your ability to work with individual animals and satisfy the needs of their owners. You will acquire information on how to market yourself and your TTouch skills.

You will be required to continue private sessions with companion animals and prepare case studies. Upon successful completion of the course work, you will receive a Tellington TTouch Training Certificate as a Practitioner-1.

You are then qualified to:

  • Work privately with animals according to the agreement signed on entry into the program
  • Give one-day hands-on workshops
  • Give a series of hands-on trainings to groups, i.e. one session per week, afternoon or evening, for 6-8 weeks

On-going Training And The Practitioner Guild

Robyn Hood does gentle TTouch movements on a dog.

Advanced Trainings are held once a year to keep Practitioners current in the latest techniques and developments. In order to advance to the higher levels of Practitioner (levels 2 and 3), graduates must assist at a number of week-long trainings and workshops.

Details will be available on graduation from the two-year program.

When you have achieved the status of Practitioner, level 1, you have the option of applying for full membership of the Guild. The Guild maintains a directory of Practitioners all over the world. When people ask the TTouch Training office for a Practitioner near them, referrals are made from the Guild list.


You will be taught by our team of North American instructors, each of whom have had a minimum 13 years experience with The Tellington TTouch. Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), Robyn Hood, Debby Potts, Edie Jane Eaton and Kathy Cascade, Lucie Leclerc, are the main trainers. There will also be qualified Practitioners assisting at your trainings so that you can benefit from their experience and have plenty of individual attention as you hone your skills.

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