Tellington TTouch Training Canada

Develop Your Horse’s Potential: with Mandy Pretty in Vernon, BC (May 25 & 26 2024)


Date: May 25 & 26
Instructor:  Mandy Pretty, Tellington TTouch Instructor, Connected Riding Teacher, SURE FOOT 4Hoof Practitioner     
Location:  Coldstream, BC (The Icelandic Horse Farm)


Bring your own horse or work with our amazing equine teachers.

*Extra, personalized practice days can be arranged by request.

Do you want to learn simple, easy and horse friendly exercises and techniques that can transform your horse’s posture, behaviour and overall performance?

Do you have a horse who is coming back into work or has past trauma or habits from poor training, injury or just long-term patterns of tension?

Would you like to learn low-stress, effective, safe and innovative techniques and exercises that can be integrated into what you already know and do?

Do you want to enhance the relationship you have with your horse?

This weekend course will provide an overview to identifying functional, weight carrying posture and provide bodywork, ground work, and innovative exercises to help you offer your horse discover new possibilities of movement, balance and posture with long lasting benefits.

Discover how to train your eye to notice dysfunctional patterns of posture, muscle development and areas of tension so you can start being more aware of how your handling and training is positively, or negatively, impacting your horse’s physical well-being.

Learn simple, effective, and non-invasive body work techniques to help encourage relaxation, breathing and trust.  These exercises can be used by horse owners of all level and no previous anatomy knowledge is required.

Mindful, low-stress, functional ground work exercises in hand and over poles will give you beneficial ways to help your horse find new patterns of movement that will not re-create tension patterns caused by old habits.

In addition to bodywork and groundwork techniques, Mandy will introduce TTouch Body Wraps and SURE FOOT Equine Stability Pads as additional, horse guided tools that can transform postural patterns at a deep, long lasting level.

Can count to credit for Tellington TTouch Practitioner credits.

Included in tuition is access to our Online Course – “Happy Horse Course: Tellington TTouch Method”. $79.94 USD VALUE

Snacks and refreshments are included.

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For cancellations made more than 30 days in advance of the training, a refund will be given minus a $100 administration fee. No refunds are possible for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the start of the training, unless we can fill your spot.  In some cases credit can go towards subsequent events.

We recommend that you purchase flight and hotel insurance for each event for which you register.

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2 Day, Deposit