TTouch® Connector


Leash pulling can be a thing of the past!

Discover how easy loose leash walking can be with the TTouch® Connector!

Available in 4 sizes.  Compatible with any harness that has both a chest and back ring and virtually any standard dog leash or rope.



One of our favorite pieces of equipment in theTTouch Tool box is the TTouch Connector; a short, piece of nylon with a light snap at each end.  It attaches to any harness with two rings, chest and back, and can be used with any leash.  This simple addition can give guardians and their canine friends added ease and simplicity in achieving “loose-leash” walks.

The original idea for this came from Finland. One of our Practitioners, Pia Arhio-Letho, liked the concept of the Harmony Leash with the sliding handle but she had four Border Terriers to walk at once. A friend of hers, Liisa Pennanen, who makes leashes and collars and came up with the solution.

By shortening the leash and putting a ring in the middle she could attach one dog to each end of the leash, while allowing the sliding connection. This allowed her to walk four dogs using two leash and handles and still have two points of contact on each dog.

Robyn started using the concept in 2018 with very pulley dogs that needed a longer leash for more space.

Dogs are usually walked with a leash on a single point of contact. Unfortunately this can have some drawbacks!
When a leash is only attached to the front ring, the harness can slides and pulls the dog out of balance laterally, potentially creating strain through the shoulders.
If the leash is only attached to the back ring, the pressure can trigger more forward pull in the dogs.
The TTouch Connector is an adjustable length of leash nylon with a snap at either end that attaches to the chest AND back ring of a harness.
It has a tab with a ring that slides along the nylon which divides the pressure between the front and back of the harness.
You can attach a long line (leash) with a snap, use a rope, or the leash with the handle extended, attached to this sliding ring.

The TTouch Connector is compatible with any harness that has a front and back ring and any leash.  We especially like to use it with our “Harmony Harness Complete System“.

This simple little tool can totally transform how happily your dog walks while on leash!

TTouch Connectors come in 4 sizes:

Extra Small is 3/8 inch width & 13 inches maximum length.  Suggested for teacup breeds

Small is 5/8 inch in width & 18 inches maximum length.  Recommended for toy to small dogs such as Yorkies, Pomeranians etc.

Medium is 5/8 inch width & 24 inches maximum length. Typically suitable for small to medium breeds such as Shelties, Cocker Spaniels etc.

Large Connectors are 3/4 inch in width & 34 inches maximum length. This is the best choice for larger breed types, Labradors, Shepherds, Huskies etc.


*Please note that harness and leash are not included.

Additional information

Weight .105 kg
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 cm

X-Large, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

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