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Over the four decades of development, we have amassed a huge library of training articles and case studies for a wide range of species, the bulk being specifically for horses and dogs.  While the work is easiest to learn hands-on and in person from someone who is experienced with it, there is a lot to be learned from reading about the concepts and theories surrounding the Tellington TTouch Method.  

When referring to “how-to” articles, please keep in mind that every animals is different and we are always ready to adapt and adjust details, or make steps smaller, to help make the exercise more clear and understandable to the animal.  If you have any questions about what you read or the results you have found at home, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  We would love to answer your questions.

General Articles

Body Wraps: From a Sensory Perspective by Kathy Cascade (Tellington TTouch Instructor & PT)

Playground for Higher Learning & Confidence Course by Robyn Hood (Tellington TTouch Senior Instructor)

Changing the World: An Interview with Linda Tellington-Jones by Tim Miejan

Ear TTouches for All  by Sandy Rakowitz

Bodywraps for You! by Robyn Hood (Tellington TTouch Senior Instructor)

Candlelight on Resistance by Edie-Jane Eaton (Tellington TTouch Instructor)

Equine Related Articles

Calm Rider, Calm Horse By Cynthia McFarland

Tellington TTouch Body Wraps: For Horses by Robyn Hood (Tellington TTouch Senior Instructor)

TTouch Tools for Colic by Carol Lang (Tellington TTouch Instructor)

How the Tellington TTouch Supports Performance Horses by Mandy Pretty (Tellington TTouch Instructor)

Change the Posture, Change the Horse by Mandy Pretty (Tellington TTouch Instructor)

Using the Tellington TTouch Balance Rein by Carol Lang and Mandy Pretty (Tellington TTouch Instructors)

Start Right – The Tellington TTouch with Foals by Mandy Pretty (Tellington TTouch Instructor)

Loading stress by Stephanie Shanahan, DVM

Dog Related ArticlesTellington TTouch Balance Leash as drawn by Lili Chin

The Tellington TTouch For Dogs by Mardi Richmond

Tension Patterns in Dogs by Sarah Fisher

Debunking the Dominance Myth by Morgan Spector

The Balance Leash by Robyn Hood (Tellington TTouch Senior Instructor)

TTouch & Reactive Dogs by Kathy Cascade & Sarah Fisher (Tellington TTouch Instructors)

Excessive Barking by Jenn Merritt

Tellington TTouch Bodywork to Reduce Stress by Jenn Merritt

Make Toenail Trimming Easier with TTouch by Debby Potts (Tellington TTouch Instructor)