Tellington TTouch Training Canada


Over the years the Tellington TTouch Method has amassed a library of film footage with horses, dogs, people, cats, and many other species.  Please visit our store for a list of available DVD’s, visit our YouTube Channel,  or subscribe to the Tellington TTouch Community for streaming access of the entire library of work.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential

Using the mindful bodywork component of the Tellington TTouch Method with your dog.  This aspect of the Tellington TTouch Method helps to reduce tension, increase trust, and develop long lasting relaxation in your dog.

Solving Horse Problems with the Tellington TTouch Method

An introduction to some of the Tellington TTouch Method techniques used for horses.  These exercises help release tension, develop healthy posture, and improve overall performance, behaviour, and well-being.

The Tellington TTouch Balance Leash

A great technique to use if you are walking a dog on a collar with a leash and they pull or forge ahead.  The Balance Leash takes pressure off of the neck and helps to bring the dog back into balance.

Tellington TTouch Simple Rope Harness

This is a fabulous technique to use in shelters or rescues, or any time you do not have an appropriate harness.  This can be made from any rope and helps take pressure off of the neck.

Tellington TTouch Head Wrap Bodywrap for Horses

Head Wrap bodywraps for horses are a great tool to use for head shy or ear shy horses.  This passive technique brings awareness to tension and allows the horse to release without force or pressure.