Tellington TTouch Training Canada




We accept a limited number of horses for boarding here at the farm.  Our horses are generally separated by sex with the geldings and older stallion living together, mares and a few mild mannered geldings in a separate herd, with the retirees living in a mixed herd of mares and geldings.

. During the warmer months the riding and in-training horses are turned out each day onto irrigated pasture with the length of time determined by their weight and the amount of grass available. A hay lunch is always fed.  In the winter all the horses are fed three times a day and have constant free access to a windbreak, water, salt and free choice minerals (Pro Form “Step 7b”. Most of the fences are 3 or 4 rail wood or vinyl fencing and horses are seen daily, each one treated as if it were our own.   

A number of our boarders are retired horses who were sent here by their owners to live in a large herd on big pastures and hills, many who previously suffered from summer eczema. In our dry and virtually bug free environment, this is not a problem here. In the summer the retired horses spend their time in large pastures at night, spending the days in a large pasture with shady trees and a variety of terrain..

The riding horses are kept at the farm where they are fed three meals a day, hay and pasture if the season permits.  Stalls and small pens are available if a horse needs special care. The use of the tack room, indoor arena, large outside arena and 200-meter oval track is included in the boarding fee.  Trails are readily available as is a small course of natural log jumps on grass.  Small fields and feeding areas are cleaned of manure daily, large pastures periodically.  Local boarders enjoy the family like atmosphere and join along on trail rides with Mandy and the variety of working students.

The boarded horses are included in our regular maintenance program such as hoof trimming as needed and quarterly de-worming, with extra services, such as acupuncture treatments, dental work and training easily arranged.

Boarding Fees

  • Regular Board: $250.00 regular board or $200.00 for consignment horses (please inquire about multiple horse board discount)
  • Level 2 Board: Includes horse being brought in for grain, brushing and some TLC  weekly $300.00 
  • Level 3 Board: Includes services of level 2, plus the horse is lightly ridden 3-4 times month or receives exercise as requested (TTouch, Conncted Riding, TTEAM groundwork or ponying) $400.00 
  • Level 4 Board: For older or disabled horses who can no longer function in the herd and need to be kept in a pen with a companion. Pens are cleaned daily, horses are fed 3-4 times daily with senior mix, beet pulp and minerals as needed $500.00
  • Daily Fee for short term boarding: Not with the herd: $15.00
  • Hoof Trims: $55.00 
  • Shoes: $175.00 
  • De-worming: $15.00
  • Vet care: Vet costs as billed by the vet, plus $5.00 per ¼ hour if we have to treat the animal
  • Sheath cleaning: $20.00
  • Groundwork: $35.00 per session
  • Ridden Work: $45.00 per session

Plus applicable taxes

Clinics and Lessons

Please refer to the Events page for a list of our clinics with prices. We do offer individual lessons but don’t offer trail rides outside the clinics. If you are looking to buy a horse we are happy to give you pointers about riding horses that are suitable for your needs at no charge.Connected Riding and Tellington TTouch lessons are offered for students of all levels at the Icelandic Horse Farm.All lessons are geared towards safety, progression, and respect for horse and rider and of course, fun.Riding Lessons follow the principles of Connected Riding, whether it be on an Icelandic or not.  This method honours classical principles but teaches them in a way that recognizes a modern understanding of bio-mechanics, function, and posture.  These lessons are suitable for all levels of horse, rider, breed, or discipline.  They focus on creating a functional, healthy, posture for horse and rider that allows for better movement, performance, safety, and cooperation.For Icelandic geared lessons these principles are incorporated into understanding and influencing the 5 gaits without sacrificing a functional posture for horse and rider.The farm is home to many well-schooled horses of all levels, with the primary breed being Icelandic.

  • Private Lessons: $60 (one hour, horse provided)
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $40 each (horse provided)

Tellington TTouch Lessons in bodywork and groundwork are offered at the farm year round.  Learn, hands on, how you can identify and release tension patterns and bracing habits in horses to improve performance, well-being, and self-confidence.  Sessions can be tailored to your specific interest or needs. Learn more about the Tellington TTouch.

  • Private Lessons: $50 each (one hour)