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A TTouch a Day

One of the cornerstones of the Tellington TTouch Method is the TTouch Bodywork.

There are over 30 unique techniques under the umbrella of the TTouch bodywork.  Each fall under a different “Family” of TTouches:

  • Circles
  • Lifts
  • Slides
  • Extremities

Nearly all of these TTouches have animal names.  Why?  The visualization of the animals when you say the name helps activate the right side of your brain, channeling creativity and intuition.



When we describe HOW to do many of these TTouches we use the image of a clock, using certain numbers as “landmarks”.  This helps activate our left, logical and thinking, side of our brain.

Whether you know the names or not, there are certain principles we use to find a way to TTouch any animal or person in a way that is acceptable and comfortable for them.  With this ability to adapt we are empowered to listen, and connect with whatever being we make contact with.

Below are a series of post describing some of the wonderful techniques we have in our “tool box”.  These will be added to on a regular basis so please subscribe if you are interested.

We hope you enjoy integrating these exercises into your everyday handling and contact with your animals at home!


“Lick of the Cow’s Tongue”



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