Tellington TTouch Training Canada

Related Research

While the Tellington TTouch was initially developed intuitively, the evolving understanding about learning, neuroscience, and cellular intelligence, has helped established scientific grounds for the method.

 Over the years there have been dozens of studies looking at the effectiveness of the Tellington TTouch, and its principles, with some fantastic results.

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Cattle 2012 Reducing Avoidance and Stress

Cattle 2013 Lowering Stress Levels

Dog 2013 Integrating the Tellington TTouch Method in Guide Dog Training

Horse 2013 TTouch Positive Results Documented

Horse 2009 Immediate Benefits of TTouch Reflected in EEG

Horse 2006 EEG Study of Equine Brain Waves

Horse 2001 Trailer Loading Study

Horse 1999 EPM/Neurological Study

Horse and Human 1987 Mind Mirror Study

Horse 1985 Stress Reduction Study

Human 2010 Well-Being Study

Human 2009 Preliminary Tellington TTouch Study at International Institute of Biophysics

Human 2008 The Therapeutic Use of Tellington TTouch for Fibromyalgia

Human 2007 TTouch Classes for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Human 2007 Changing the World One TTouch at a Time

Human 2003 Therapeutic Intervention Study

Human 2003 – 1999 Nursing Studies

Human 2000 Youth, Nature and Critters

Human 2000 Youth, Nature and Critters