Each year we host a wide variety of clinics at The Icelandic Horse Farm, Robyn’s home turf and headquarters for Tellington TTouch Training Canada.  Our herd of, primarily Icelandic horses – with a few “impostors”, are excellent, friendly teachers who love to meet new admirers.  The farm boasts 360 degree views, a lovely climate, and a comfortable, casual, setting.

We are excited to announce this year’s line up of horse and dog (Companion animal) trainings.

If you are interested in learning from the comfort of home we have launched our Tellington TTouch TTouch Learning Platform.

Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 we are taking clinic reservations, without requiring a deposit.  We will do everything we can to follow safe guidelines to ensure client safety and comfort.

Please note that as of January 21, 2021, the Canadian border is not open to International visitors and ALL incoming citizens must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

2021 Trainings

Riding with Awareness - Hands on Course

Date: May 15th – 17th, 2021

Instructor: Mandy Pretty, Connected Riding Associate Instructor & Tellington TTouch Instructor
Location: Vernon, BC (The Icelandic Horse Farm)

Due to the current nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are allowing advanced course registration without a deposit.  Payment will be accepted 45 days prior to the course with no-fee cancellation up until that time.  We only ask that you let us know any changes in plans as soon as you do. 

Learn how to become more harmonious with your horse on the ground and while in the saddle using Tellington TTouch & Connected Riding techniques. This workshop consists of two days of learning with an optional third day of fun out on the trail.

Combining a variety of learning techniques and exercises, you will become a more balanced, empathetic and effective horse person. Start with un-mounted Rider Awareness exercises, pre-riding bodywork techniques and gymnasticizing groundwork exercises to prepare your horse and your self for work under saddle. Once you have become more aware and conscious of bracing patterns and tension patterns take what you have learned to the saddle. Daily riding lessons make this clinic a fun filled learning experience.

Help yourself and your horse let go of bracing patterns and release tension by finding a more functional “neutral” way of being.

Use one of the farm’s many trustworthy horses (subject to 180lbs weight limit) or bring your own. Price includes lunches and snacks. Limited to 4 riders.


Tellington TTouch for Horses

Learn the Tellington TTouch for horses in Vernon BC

Date:August 13-15th, 2021(NEW DATE)

Instructors: Robyn Hood, Senior Tellington TTouch Instructor & Mandy Pretty, Connected Riding Associate Instructor & Tellington TTouch Instructor

Location: Vernon, BC (The Icelandic Horse Farm)

Discover how the combination of the Tellington TTouch Method will improve performance, well-being, and behavior while enhancing the relationship with your horse on the ground and while riding in the saddle. This intensive hands-on course will give the tools of observation, bodywork, groundwork, and riding that will help you understand and communicate with every horse you work with.

In addition to Tellington TTouch Method, we will be exploring Connected Riding principles and the use of Wendy Murdoch’s “SUREFOOT Equine Stability Program”.  These unique foam pads, of varying densities have been shown to release tension, change postural habits, and enhance proprioception and balance in a passive, non-invasive yet long lasting way.

Due to the short nature of this course riding will not be the main focus.

Use one of the farm’s many trustworthy horses (subject to 180lbs weight limit – please contact us if you have any questions) or bring your own.

Limited to 10 participants.

Includes beautiful, homemade Lunch and snacks. (Subject to COVID regulations.)

Counts towards Tellington TTouch Practitioner status.


Tellington TTouch for Dogs

Learn the Tellington TTouch for dogsDate: August 27-27, 2021 (NEW DATE) Instructor: Robyn Hood, Senior Tellington TTouch Instructor

Location: Vernon, BC (The Icelandic Horse Farm)

Enjoy the positive, fun filled learning environment that looks at dog training in an all encompassing, whole, way.  This workshop can serve as an introduction to the Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs (and other Companion Animals) and build and refine the skills of more experienced students. 

Professionals dog trainers and casual dog lovers alike will benefit from the variety of practical techniques and unique approaches learned in this class! Develop and build on the fundamentals of Tellington TTouch Bodywork, Groundwork, and Observation skills.  These skills address the most common issues confronting dog owners, trainers, and other professionals; in a forward thinking, positive manner.

The most common issues confronting professionals, trainers and dog owners will be addressed as you learn and build on the fundamentals of Tellington TTouch Bodywork, Groundwork, and Observation.  This is an ideal method to help enhance positive dog training modalities. Bring your own dog or work with one at the course.  There will also be the opportunity to work with other species, such as horses, in a safe, confidence building way. Part of the ongoing TTouch Practitioner Training, suitable for new and returning students.

Included in this course is our Online Course – “Tellington TTouch for Dogs – An Introduction”.

Beautiful, homemade lunches and snacks are included. (TBD according to current Covid Regulations)


SUREFOOT® Equine Stability System Introduction

SUREFOOT Equine 1hoof courseDate: September 18/19, 2021 (NEW DATE)

Instructors: Robyn Hood, Senior Tellington TTouch Instructor/4Hoof Professional & Mandy Pretty, 4Hoof Professional & Tellington TTouch Instructor

Location: Vernon, BC (The Icelandic Horse Farm)

The SUREFOOT Equine Stability Pads are a unique, innovative way for the horse to be his own teacher. Developed by Wendy Murdoch, this revolutionary way of improving your horse’s balance, confidence, movement and performance shows that the horse is always present and ready to learn if we can only find ways to access his intelligence. This approach allows the horse to experience his own habitual patterns of movement and provides the horse with an opportunity to explore and learn new ways of standing on his feet and utilizing the ground for greater ease, comfort and confidence.

With SUREFOOT, using a variety of stability and balance pads, horses discover how they are habitually standing. The pad gives under the horse’s weight bringing his attention to where he is placing his feet and providing new information to the balancing part of his nervous system. With this awareness the horse explores, shifts and alters his habitual patterns of standing and moving by himself, ultimately choosing a more secure and effective way to stand and move. The horse retrains himself to stand better without human interference.

These exercises are a great way to enhance your relationship with your horse, increase the efficacy of current body work routines, and improve balance, proprioception and performance.

Learn the techniques on one of the farm’s cooperative, gentle, horses.

Can count towards SUREFOOT Practitioner “1Hoof” Certification.

$300.00 plus gst, includes homemade lunches and snacks. (COVID regulations may apply)


Questions? Please get in TTouch!

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