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Balance Rein



This is sure to become your favorite riding tool!  The Balance Rein is like a cordero or a second rein at the base of the neck that re-balances a horse. It is used with a bridle for horses who have a tendency to come above the bit or behind the vertical, in combination with a snaffle.

The Balance Rein collects the horse and keeps him in a state of balance. The Balance Rein also invites horses to bring their backs up, to lengthen and to round the neck.  It is very helpful for horses who are rushy, above the bit, behind the vertical or strung-out. Also an excellent tool for teaching horses to back correctly and shift their weight off of the forehand.  Learn more about the Balance Rein here.

This style of Balance Rein is made of bio-thane and marine rope.  It comes with a grazing string.  This is a safety feature for trail riding that allows you to tie the Balance Rein to the d-ring of your saddle and prevent any slippage should your horse graze or drink.

Available in a variety of colours.  Made in Canada

Weight .215 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 4 cm

Aqua, Brown & Tan, Lime Green, Mid Blue, Sea Foam & Tan, Black, Dark Brown, Grass Green, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Royal Blue, Sea Foam

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