Tellington TTouch Training Canada

Tellington TTouch in the Veterinary Practice


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by Daniela Zurr, DVM

Daniela Zurr is a German veterinarian who specializes in Behavior Medicine with a special interest in the connection between organic diseases and behavior problems. Her book shows her daily use of TTouch in her busy vet practice. Although written for veterinarians and animal health care providers this 92 page book is interesting for anyone who needs to handle animals in stressful situations or wants to learn to apply TTouch with their sick or injured animal.

Pictures include the use of wraps, towels and different TTouches, chapters include Philosophy and Goals, Research, Introducing the TTouch, establishing contact and general examination, Indication of TTouch with different organ systems, hospitalized patients, TTouch with anesthesia, Behavior Therapy, farm animals, TTouch for wild and zoo animals and the combination of TTouch with other therapeutic modalities.

Spiral bound, printed in Canada.  92 pages, full colour.

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