Tellington TTouch Training Canada

The Perfect Pairing: Tellington TTouch® Method & the SUREFOOT Equine Stability System®

Robyn and Wendy met in the early 80’s and have been on parallel tragectories in the horse world ever since, often crossing paths and exchanging ideas and concepts, garnered from their global travel.

Long time Tellington TTouch teacher, Centered Riding Instructor, Feldenkrais Practitioner and lifelong student, Wendy has always been interested in new and novel concepts.

In 2013 Wendy conducted a simple experiment. She placed a balance pad  under a horse’s hoof. She had no preconceived notion as to what might happen, but  was curious to find out. The results were so astounding that she has spent the past several years experimenting, exploring and refining what is now call the SURE FOOT® Equine Stability Program.

During these early experiments of the SUREFOOT pads, Wendy came to Robyn’s farm in Coldstream, BC to demonstrate this new program to a ground of TTouch Practitioners at an annual Advanced Training.

Always open to new ideas, Robyn instantly saw the benefit of this non-habitual, non-invasive way to allow horses to change habitual bracing and postural habits at a deep level, while allowing horses choice in doing so.

Since then, Robyn, now a 4HOOF SUREFOOT Professional, has shared the system at her Tellington TTouch trainings around the world and is a distributor for the product line.

Like so many things we do, it is hard to “explain” why something so “unusual” can make such deep changes to performance and behaviour without directly addressing or training the “issue”.

In this webinar, hosted by Wendy, Robyn describes how a combination of SUREFOOT pads Tellington TTouch Balance Rein and TTouch Body Wraps allowed a huge shift in OTTB “Bob”‘s posture and way of going.

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