The herd of Icelandic horses at Tellington TTouch Canadian headquarters.

Stress & TTouch

A brain faced with a real or imagined threat minimizes its capabilities. This means it shuts down activity in the rational “higher” regions, and functions from its “lower” regions (mammalian/emotional-cognitive brain; reptilian/sensory motor brain) in order to re-establish homeostasis (balance). This is called “shut down” — a bio-neurological phenomenon designed for survival. Under the influence of stress we find rote, knee-jerk reactions

The Cutting of Slack

Part of any TTouch workshop is the initial introductions.  What’s your name? Where are you from? What is your primary interest in animals? Do you have a life outside of animals? (Maybe/maybe not):) What are you goals? – all pretty standard questions that you would expect when getting to know Read more…