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All Wrapped Up: For Horses – PDF Download


Improving function, performance & behavior with Tellington TTouch Body Wraps – PDF Download.

by Robyn Hood with Mandy Pretty

Learn how to use simple and effective Tellington TTouch Body Wraps.

 Help anxious or fractious horses settle, develop self-carriage and improve engagement without force.  

Using stretchy elastic bandages, there is no tension, the various Body Wrap configurations help improve proprioception and body awareness.

Tellington TTouch Body Wraps are an excellent addition to any wellness or postural rehabilitation regimen. 

Non-invasive and non-restrictive, these techniques help horses find their own posture while releasing tension and improving focus and confidence in the process.



Everything you always wanted to know about Body Wraps for Horses:


* Simple and easy to use
* Effective and non-invasive
* Improves coordination, balance, self-carriage and mental focus

Includes color photos.  Instant download PDF format.

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