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Shedding Candlelight on Resistance

By Edie-Jane Eaton (Tellington TTouch® Instructor) *This article was orginally published in the “TTEAM Connections” newsletter.  While Edie-Jane focuses on horses in the text, this concept applies to all animals, including ourselves! It’s commonly accepted by Tellington TTouch® practitioners that when horses (or any animal) show resistance there’s always a reason – or several reasons.

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From Fear to Feeling Safe: TTouch Transformations

* This article by Tellington TTouch Instructor Kathy Cascade first appeared in our quarterly newsletter in 2008.  Editors note: While some of the specific exercises and techniques may have changed slightly – the approach and attitude towards helping animals overcome their fear in a positive, low-stress and empathetic way has not.   Alf’s experience demonstrates

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