Tellington TTouch Training Canada

Harnessing Your Dog’s Perfection – Loose Leash Walking for Your Dog


Do you find yourself dreading on leash walks with your dog? 

Do you want more tools and exercises to help make the daily walk more fun and enjoyable for you and your dog?

This book can help you and your dog improve your communication and balance!

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Learn never before published Tellington TTouch exercises and techniques to help your dog become more comfortable and cooperative when on leash and you become a more effective and aware handler at the other end!

This book includes a number of how-to, step-by-step descriptions for each exercise complete with many full colour photos.  No prior knowledge or experience with the Tellington TTouch Method is necessary to understand and implement these innovative and novel exercises.

Handler balance and posture exercises are also featured throughout the text and will help anyone become a more effective, clear and aware anytime they work with a dog.

80 pages soft-cover, full colour, printed in Canada.

by Robyn Hood & Mandy Pretty

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