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TTouch Harmony Dog Harness Complete System


Make walks fun again! Let your dog move freely while communicating better, with this adjustable harness and leash set with sliding handle.

Do you want effortless and fun walks with your dog?  Say goodbye to walk-time struggles with the TTouch Harmony Dog Harness & Leash Combo – with a hassle-free warranty and money-back guarantee! 🐾
🐾 Adjustable Design: Engineered for the perfect fit, our harness ensures optimal comfort for your furry companion during every outing with 5 points of adjustment.
🐾 Innovative No-Pull Leash Design: Experience walks like never before! Our leash’s unique design minimizes pulling, promoting a harmonious walking experience for both dog and handler.
🐾  Superior Shoulder Movement: Functional design prevents excessive strain, ensuring your dog’s comfort. Our harness doesn’t pull into the elbow or ride up the neck, allowing for natural, uninhibited movement.
🐾  Three Convenient Clips: No more hassle! With three easy-to-use clips, getting ready for walks is quick and effortless.
🐾  Three Versatile Rings: From casual strolls to active adventures, our harness features three rings for leash attachment, offering unmatched versatility.
🐾  Hassle-Free Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products! Enjoy peace of mind with our hassle-free warranty and money-back guarantee.
🐾  Complete Combo: Harness and leash working in perfect harmony for an unparalleled walking experience!
🐾  Domestically Made: Crafted with care right here in North America, our products reflect our dedication to quality and supporting local businesses.


The Harmony Harness Complete System includes: Harness, adjustable length leash & sliding swivel handle.

The TTouch Harmony Dog Harness, Leash and Handle Complete System is an easy and gentle way to help you and your dog achieve relaxed, loose leash walks without pain or “correction”. By helping your dog balance on all four-feet and dividing the leash pressure into two, dynamic points, you can have fun, easy, walks again.

Reduce leash pulling and encourage loose leash walking without using pain or force.  The double ended connection & sliding handle reduces pulling from either end and allows your dogs freedom without the loss of control while the low-profile, adjustable harness allows for comfort and free range of motion.

The totally adjustable H Harness is perfect for everyday use and allows for two points of contact to help balance and support loose leash walking.  Three buckles and attachments for two points of contact make this harness a great option for dogs and their handlers alike.

Unlike many dog harnesses, the TTouch Harmony Harness does NOT have to go over the head or be stepped into, which can make some dogs nervous.  It also allows for better movement by not inhibiting the shoulders and has plenty of space behind the elbows.

The Harmony Leash & Handle reduces leash pulling and helps to maintain balance and cooperation. The genius is in its simplicity. These leashes can be used with any harness that has two points of connection.

These adjustable leashes are available in 3/8 inch (S), 5/8 inch (M) or 3/4 inch (L) nylon help to maintain balance with a sliding fleece handle.   Available in multiple colors with a snap on each end. Perfect for leading with two points of contact one handed.  Learn more here.

If your dog has a very strong pulling habit, you may consider using the TTouch Connector in conjunction with this set.

The Harmony Harness is manufactured in Ontario, Canada in a small, family run workshop.  They are made of durable, colour-fast, nylon webbing.

XXS: 3/8 inch wide

XS and Small: 5/8 inch wide

Medium: 3/4 inch wide

Medium Wide, Large, and XL: 1 inch wide webbing.

Available in two lengths, 6 feet and 7 feet long, both adjustable (6 feet adjustable to 3 feet and 7 feet adjustable to 4 feet).

Sky blue and Raspberry Pink not available in size XXS or small (3/8th) width leashes.

Made in the Canada with a full money back guarantee & warranty.

*Please note that the latest harness does not have a double back ring.  Reduces bulkiness and accommodates smaller leash clips.


Weight 0.415 kg
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 4 cm

XXS, XS, S, M, MWide, L, XL, XXL


Black, Green, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Raspberry Pink

Leash Length

6 ft, 7 ft

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