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I’m Listening…and creating a deeper connection with my animal friends (PDF Download)


by Christine Schwartz

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What if we gave our dogs more choices and took a closer look at common training and handling practices? Do they foster a close, trusting relationship and encourage your dog to be confident? How does the Tellington TTouch® philosophy help you and your dog to have the best partnership possible?  This book is an easy read that is more thought-provoking than “how-to” and challenges readers to set aside preconceived notions of how we handle and understand our animals.

Chapters include: Making good choices, The words we use, What if your training is not working, Training vs educating, Anxiety, Dog sports, Your dog’s ability to calm himself, Grooming,  and much more.

Author, Christine Schwartz is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Horses and Dogs and attended her first training with Linda as a teenager in Germany in 1976.  She has written numerous titles on training and understanding the Icelandic horse and has translated many horse and dog related books from German to English.

46 pages – Instant PDF Download

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