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SUREFOOT® Equine Pads- Variety Pack


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Get everything you need to give your horses the FULL SURE FOOT experience!

Includes 6 pairs of SURE FOOT Equine Stability pads: Hard, Hard Slants, Firm, Firm Slants, Medium, Soft, Full Phyisopad (or two half-physiopads) and Pods and a duffel bag to hold them all! See individual pad item for full description.

You have all the choices so that when your horse decides he would like something different you are ready. Giving your horse the choice to create greater novelty, interest, and curiosity while individualizing each hoof with a different density provides greater input into the nervous system. With this set you can mix and match, stack and combine for greater effect.

Great for Equine Body workers, massage therapists, TTouch Practitioners or sharing with friends at your barn!

“I am a firm believer in the SURE FOOT® Equine Balance Pads. The Physiopad has helped several of my client’s horses and as a farrier I believe this in my business as well. I have used this on horses with side bone, navicular, founder and several other issues. Thanks for this product!” – Jeff Stubblefield, Master Farrier for 47 year.

Warning: When introducing horses to the Physio Pad be sure they are not on cross-ties until it is clear the horse is comfortable with the pad.

*When using the pads in a cold environment (below 40°F or 4° C) use the un-coated surface. The DuraFlex surface stiffens slightly in cold temperatures and may crack. This type of blemish does not affect the function or performance of the pad, simply the look.

To learn more go to the Murdoch Method YouTube channel, Murdoch Method, LLC Facebook page or

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the SUREFOOT instructional video before starting this program with your horse. If there is any medical issues please consult your veterinarian before beginning SURE FOOT to be sure this program is right for your horse.

Fact Sheet:

They are made of as much environmentally friendly material as possible, designed and tested by Wendy Murdoch, carry the official SURE FOOT Logo and are assembled in the State of Maine, USA.

Can be used with horses of any size, weight or breed. Variation in the pads density provides different degrees of firmness each providing a different experience for the horse.

Durability: The Official SURE FOOT pads have been designed and tested to hold up under the demands of use with horses in any environment. While they are not impervious to damage (tears and cuts) they will continue to service the horse even is somewhat damaged by the horse’s hooves. Therefore the benefits of the SURE FOOT program can be offered to the average horse owner for (in many cases) the cost of one shoeing. Offering the horse and horse owner a long-term use to aid in improvement of overall health.

Warranted against delamination of the DuraFlex coating and/or pad layers.

Stackable: SURE FOOT pads can be combined to stack layers generally two high but in instance three pads high.  Stacking allows the person to give the horse an experience that matches the habit patterns in the body. Horses will not stand on stacked pads unless they wish to, you cannot force this on the horse as they will slip the pads to be lower if so desired. However, stacking allows the horse to experience limb differential and in many cases is beneficial to establishing a more normal, balanced posture and movement.

Pads can be use to benefit the horse pre-exercise, post-exercise, during a training session to improve and enhance performance, recovery from injury while stall bound or in limited movement, reset proprioceptors to reestablish normal patterns of movement, calming for any breed horse in any discipline, improve overall well being of horse and owner, improve relationship between horse and owner as the owner is recognized by the horse as the one who brought the comfort.

Not sure which pad is right for you?  Get in touch!

Weight 7.000 kg
Dimensions 68 × 58 × 30 cm

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